What is a Cinematic Highlight Film?
This is our signature product that we have mastered over the years. All the videos you see on our portfolio are our signature highlight films. We utilize the same gear that hollywood filmmakers use to create stunning visuals. We use a variety of clips that we film throughout the day to create a stunning 5-7 minute highlight trailer set to cinematic music. We use audio from the hustle and bustle of the day, sound bytes from the vows and toasts and the letters the couple exchange to build the story we try to create. 

What is a Documentary Feature Film?
Our Feature Films are similar in style to our Wedding Highlight Films, but they are a longer, cinematic and more detailed film of your day set to a score of music developed by our editors and overseen by our creative director. The feature film semi-chronologically relays the events of the day as they unfold beginning with aerial footage of the venue, preparations, first look, ceremony, reception and the exit. Feature Films vary in length depending on the length of coverage and content. Our standard feature films are 50-70 mins long. Some weddings are shorter in length and would not have all the elements that an average reception would have. Some couples chose to skip the bouquet and garter toss or chose not to have a first look or a last dance or a grand exit. This is usually reflected in the duration of the final video. In the recent past, we split the feature film in two and gave couples a ceremony edit and a reception edit. If you prefer a ceremony edit and a reception edit instead of one long feature film please don't hesitate to ask. Both are quality products but we personally take pride in our feature film. 

How much of my ceremony and reception will be in my feature film?
Traditionally, the average American ceremony is 30 minutes or less. We don't leave out any part of your ceremony. We edit it in such a way that we exclude dead spots, silent transitions and moments. It is usually a processional to recessional edit. We don't leave any parts out. The reception part includes the bridal party entrance, cake cutting, full first dance, full uncut toasts, full special dances, bouquet/garter toss and anything else that is significant to the couple. 

How do you manage to capture excellent audio?
We have five different ways we capture high quality audio. Our main source is a recorder that is connected to the sound board. We monitor the audio levels to make sure we are securing quality audio. During the ceremony we mic the minister and the groom to get additional quality sound. One recorder is placed near the guests to capture ambient sound. We also have boom mics on our cameras as a safety audio.

How many Cameras do you use?
Depending on the size of the wedding, we use anywhere between 3-5 cameras to make sure we don't miss a single moment. During the reception we use 2-3 cameras. 

What cameras do you use?
We film with Canon's Cinema Line Cameras (C100 mark ii) that Cinematographers in hollywood use to film documentary and short films. 

Who will film my wedding?
Our cinematographers are trained professionals who have been in the industry for more that 10 years creating wedding films, documentaries and short films. Our lead Cinematographers are Andrew and Matt. They are the geniuses behind our stunning films. Our other team members are Sonia, Jason, Keith and Justin. 

How do I book you?
We only film a certain number of weddings a year. Click on the Contact tab and fill out the form. It takes two minutes. Feel free to ask us any questions you have. We will email you back soon. Once you’ve decided that we’re the best fit for you, email or call us and we can send you a contract.  Send it in with a $500 deposit, and your date is reserved!  Easy peasy! The balance is due only a week before your wedding.

Do you film weddings outside of Dallas-Fort Worth?
Yes, Yes and Yes. We love traveling. Just add flights, hotel and food to any of our packages and we will be there!

How will you go about filming our wedding day?
We are not your typical in-your-face videographers. We respect your space and try to be as discreet and subtle as possible. Our couples usually tell us that they don't even notice us most of the time. The lenses we use enable us to stay clear of the aisle and the front. We don't believe in blocking your view or standing in front of your guests to get our shots. We are positioned towards the sides where we strive to go unnoticed. If your venue has guidelines for us to follow, we would be more than willing to oblige. 

Can I pick the music/song for my video?
Recently media companies have had to deal extensively with only using licensed music for commercial work. It all comes down to what is legal. Licencing music is so important to keep us legal and to keep us in good standing with music providers and Federal copyright laws. Buying a song from iTunes and using it as a music track for your wedding film is illegal and can come with very hefty fines and and potential lawsuits. We generally license music from The Music Bed, SongFreedom or Marmoset Music. If you find a track on any of these sites that you like, please let us know and we will try to secure it.

How secure is the footage once you finish filming? How long will you keep the raw fooatge?
Pretty secure. We have three backups of raw footage. We store the footage for 6 months after your final product has been delivered. Please order your backup disk before this time expires.

Do you film weddings outside of Dallas-Fort Worth?
Yes, Yes and Yes. We love traveling. Just add flights, hotel and food to any of our packages and we will be there!

How will I get my final video?
Depending on your package you can pick either blurays or flashdrives. Blurays, although great, do deteriorate and stop working over time. This is known as Disc rot. So receiving your finished files digitally on a USB/Flash Drive will allow you to copy the files to multiple computers, multiple hard drives and/or store them in the Cloud. Flash drives are your best bet for safe keeping and future proofing. It’s important that once you receive your files to take the proper steps to backup and safeguard your investment. If you pick blurays, you always want to keep them in their cases when not in use to prolong the life of your Blurays.

When will I get my wedding video?
You will receive a digital link to your highlight film within 8 weeks of your wedding. You can share this link with family and social media. Shortly thereafter (15 weeks), you will receive your final video. 

Why does it take that long to receive my video?
After a typical 8 – 10 hour wedding day, we’ll end up with 100-200 Gigabytes of footage. That equates to around 2-3 hours of continuous footage per camera, 300-500 video clips and 2-6 audio sources. Going through and organizing all of the footage, syncingvideo and audio, putting your wedding footage together to re-create your wedding day, sourcing music, color correction and grading all can take up to 40-60+ hours over the course of 15 weeks. We have one of the fastest turnovers in the industry.

Can we meet with you before the wedding?
We prefer to meet you before your big day! We love to put a face to the name and have a cup of coffee with you and understand your expectations from us and answer any questions you have. We do free consultations and would like to meet with you even if you have not decided on your videographer. Coffee is on us!